Threat Assessment Specialist (TAS) – The TAS will review, analyze, and assess identified alarming/threatening behavior that has the potential to negatively impact the UA community.  The TAS has the authority and discretion to obtain/review pertinent UA information, to review UA personnel files, to take statements from relevant UA parties, and to interpret UA policies.  If appropriate, the TAS will provide the results of the assessment to the TAT for further review/actions, or refer the matter to other UA officials for further monitoring or action as needed.

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) – The primary role of the BIT is to provide support and resources to students, which includes reviewing student behavior that presents as alarming/concerning and recommending intervention steps.  Additional topic matter experts may be added to the BIT due to the specific conditions of a particular situation.  Should the BIT reasonably believe the student presents a potential significant risk or threat; the matter will be referred to the TAS for further evaluation.

Threat Assessment Team (TAT) – The TAT is tasked with reviewing alarming/threatening behavior and potential acts of violence which have been previously assessed and forwarded by the TAS.  The TAT will employ their judgment and discretion in working toward a recommended reasonable response to such behavior.  Each situation is unique and must be addressed based on individual circumstances.  If necessary, the TAT may consult with other subject matter experts.  When appropriate, the TAT will recommend a course of action to the Policy Group.

EMPG  – The general role of the EMPG is to consider the recommendations of the TAT and to exercise its judgment and discretion in approving/amending recommended actions to address any significant risk or threat.  The EMPG will notify the President of any situation as appropriate and will seek additional guidance as needed.