1.  What is the difference between the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) and the Threat Assessment Team (TAT) ?

The BIT is student-oriented assistance designed to aid individuals with any problems/difficulties that arise during their time as a UA student.  The TAT is mandated with dealing with anyone (a UA student, a UA employee, or a non-affiliated UA visitor) who may, or who is perceived to, pose a threat to the UA community.  As noted within UA’s Behavioral Threat Assessment Guidelines, a ‘person of concern’ may be moved from one group to the other on a case-by-case determination.

2.  What is the true function of the BIT and the TAT ?

The purpose of both the BIT and the TAT is to specifically identify/address behaviors of concern and to provide the necessary and appropriate resources to ensure a safe working environment within the UA community.

3.  Are cases addressed/managed chronologically ?

No, all cases are initially screened by UA’s Threat Assessment Specialist and any case/issue which is deemed as an imminent threat is immediately reviewed.  All cases, regardless of the immediacy, are appropriately reviewed and managed in the manner most specific for their situation.

4.  How does Behavioral Threat Assessment differ from “profiling” ?

Behavioral Threat Assessment is designed to be a proactive process utilized to identify warning signs of inappropriate behavior  and to intervene prior to someone engaging in violent activity against themselves or others. Profiling, from a criminal investigative perspective, is a reactive investigative tool in which possible behavior traits of an unknown subject are gleaned from an examination of a specific, unsolved criminal act.

5.  Does the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibit UA from disclosing student information as it relates to an active TAT matter ?

No – FERPA specifically allows for the sharing of any information as it relates to an ongoing concern for the safety of others.

6.  I am not sure if my information is important or not, what should I do ?

UA strongly encourages anyone with any potentially relevant information to provide that information to the proper UA authorities in a timely manner.  Although the information may not seem overly important, it may be related to other incidents/issues, unknown to the reporting party, and assist in the development of the overall “big picture.”  The major goal of UA is to identify all potentially violent situations and to intervene prior to any negative behavior occurring.